Your Ultimate Fashion FAQs Answered!

What is a Fashion (or Personal) Stylist and what do they do?

A Fashion Stylist offers consultation services on the right colours to enhance your skin tone, and personal style enhancement for your unique body. They can also curate clothing and accessories to create unique and cohesive looks for everyday, special events or career advancement. They are better qualified to style you if they have completed some Styling Certification(s) from a reputable Styling School. Experience in this field also greatly enhances their skills.

Why should I hire a Fashion Stylist?

Hiring a fashion stylist is a wise investment. If you add up the cost of all the clothes you have bought that you never wear because they just don’t feel right, it can quickly total several thousands of dollars! Once you know exactly what to buy, you will not only elevate your personal style and save time when getting dressed, you will save by buying only clothes you love and wear.

What sets your styling services apart?

I am passionate about helping women elevate their Style Confidence!  I make sure you understand how to use your best colours and dress your unique body to enhance your appearance every day.
I have two Stylist Certifications which enables me to offer an elevated level of expertise in Style and Colour Analysis. I have been in business since 2019 and have many happy clients. You can see for yourself by reading what some of them have to say here. Read more about me here.

What is involved in a Colour Analysis consultation?

During this 90-minute colour analysis appointment in my Calgary home studio, we will identify your colour category with the Absolute Colour System drapes. You will receive a colour swatch booklet with 50 colours to guide you when shopping. We will go over how to use the swatch, how to determine on your own if a colour is complementary. Many other topics are covered from your personal colour category booklet. See more details here.

How does the styling appointment work?

The Signature Style Profile is a 3.5-hour consultation in my Calgary home studio. We discuss your personal style, preferences, and goals. We determine your silhouette, proportions, style personality and many other facets of personal style. You will receive a 100+ page book with specific guidance on how to dress your unique body. See here for complete appointment details.

How does the closet edit work?

This is a 3hr appointment where I come to your home. I help you sort, purge and re-organize your clothes. Then, I will help you create outfits from your existing wardrobe and suggest new pieces to create complete outfits. See more details here.

Can you help me shop for new clothes?

Absolutely! I do offer personal shopping services. We start by making a list of missing pieces needed to create complete outfits that match your style and budget. Or I can help you find that fabulous outfit for a special occasion.
We will go shopping together at stores that carry clothes that meet your needs.  I will find clothes for you to try on and advise you on the fit and colour.  I usually pre-shop to make the most of your shopping appointment.
Disclaimer: As styles and trends vary widely from season to season, we are limited by what the stores sell. Because of this, there are no guarantees that we will find everything or exactly what we are looking for. But rest assured that I will work hard to find fabulous clothes for you.

Do my complementary colours change with age?

I often get this question and yes the colour of your skin & hair change with age so therefore do the colours you can wear. A colour that looked good on us when we were younger, may not look good as we go through our 40’s and beyond when we enter the “neutral zone” of life. Unfortunately, this is when our skin and hair looses luster and pigmentation. So if you had your colours done a long time ago, you should consider getting it done again to get an accurate palette to complement your appearance as it is today. It is generally advisable to get your colours renewed at least every 10 years.

Should I wear makeup during a colour consultation?

It is best if no makeup is worn for a colour consultation. The colour analysis will be more accurate without foundation or blush especially. If you prefer, you can wear mascara and eyeliner only but no concealer please.

What should I wear for a style or colour appointment?
  1. For a colour analysis the only restriction is to not wear a turtleneck.
  2. For a style appointment, please wear snug fitting clothes like leggings and a snug t-shirt. This will help me better define your silhouette and proportions. Feel free to wear an oversized sweater or cardigan over top.
Will you measure my body?

Nope! No measuring tapes used here but I will use a ribbon to determine vertical proportions. This will disclose your best necklines, jacket lengths, hem lines and pant length.

Do you work with women of all ages and ethnicity?

Yes, no matter your age, skin colour or ethnic background, my colour analysis is accurate using the Absolute Colour System.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, I do sell gift certificates. I’ve had many people buy them for a loved one. You can choose from several package deals here or any single service from the services page. It is a very unique gift that every client enjoys and will use for years. Please email me (at with details and I will create the gift certificate to send you.

Do you style men too?

Sorry guys, I currently only style women.

Can you work with my existing wardrobe?

Absolutely! During a closet edit we create a functional wardrobe with your existing clothes and a shopping list of missing pieces to complete outfits.

What if I am on a budget?

I respect that not everyone can afford all the services I offer. I encourage you to carefully consider your goals and budget when choosing which service(s) you need. I always recommend you start with the colour analysis and if you can afford it, style analysis is also very important. If needed, you could always purchase the closet edit and shopping later.  During a shopping appointment, I will guide you on how and where to buy good clothes within your budget. I consider myself skilled at finding stylish options at any price points.

Do you offer virtual styling and colour services?

Stay tuned, I will offer this shortly.

Can you help me with special occasions or events like weddings or job interviews?

Absolutely! I offer special occasion styling services, including wedding styling, interview outfits, and more. Just let me know your needs, and I will tailor my services accordingly.

Can I just buy a colour swatch?

Yes, they are $75 each (+GST) but it is best to get a colour consultation to ensure you are buying the best colour category to enhance your skin tone. The colour swatch is included in the Colour Analysis consultation.

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