Calgary Fashion Stylist-  Mona’s Story

Mona Rioux
Calgary Fashion Stylist

Certified AOPI* Stylist

*Academy of Professional Image

I’ve always had a passion for fashion! Growing up in a household with 3 sisters and my mother, who were all fashion crazy, we’d spend hours trying on and swapping clothes. I worked in fashion as a teen in my small town’s premier clothing boutique and I’ve also worked at a few boutiques here in Calgary. I even had my own home-based clothing business selling Leigh Morgan brand from Vancouver.

I enjoy being a stylist now that I’m retired from my full-time career as an oil industry analyst. It excited me to unravel large data issues; they are like puzzles to me that I enjoyed solving. What adds to my success in both styling and analytical work is my attention to detail and my creativity.

One comment at a chance encounter with an old friend made it clear: “Can you please help me look as put together as you always are”?  That was the light-bulb moment! I did a closet edit for her, put outfits together and took her shopping.  I LOVED it because I love helping people feel their best. I was hooked!

I embarked on a journey to become a Calgary Fashion stylist and was proud to become a Certified Style File Consultant (CSFC) in 2019. To elevate my expertise, in 2023 I became a Certified Academy of Professional Image Stylist (AOPI *). Taking the advanced colour and style courses with the amazing Imogen Lamport has heightened my ability to truly bring my clients’ best features forward.  I am thrilled every time I help a client transform into a more confident and stylish woman.

*The Academy of Professional Image courses are AICI certified. AICI is the Association of Image Consultants International, the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide.

I’m a dog person and love my little Tia. She’s a Havanese and has the greatest temperament.  Tia and I volunteered for 5 years in the PALS program, a pet visitation therapy, non-profit organization. 

I am an avid golfer and also keep active by walking daily, doing yoga, and playing pickle ball. My weekends are spent hosting dinners or dining at awesome Calgary restaurants, attending live music and theatre.  I love to travel; my favorite destinations so far include Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Costa Rica, France and Hawaii of course, it’s the absolute paradise.

Comments from Happy Clients

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"Mona did my colour and style last weekend and I couldn’t be happier. She is professional, knowledgeable and a joy to be around. Her personality is infectious!"

Shauna, Calgary

"I thoroughly enjoyed going through the colour and style process with Mona. She was endlessly knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about helping me better understand my style and colours. I considered myself a savvy shopper already, but I definitely came away from the session with a lot of new tips and tidbits to help me fill my wardrobe and feel confident in my choices. Shopping is even more fun now! Highly recommended!"

Sarah, Calgary

"Mona is passionate about helping you feel your best, inside and out. She is knowledgeable about fashion do’s and don’ts based on your body shape and age. Determining which colours best suit you is a fun exercise and the colour swatch is handy to have when you’re shopping on your own to remember everything from your consultation. If you’re in a style rut and are looking to revamp your look and feel your best, give Mona a call!"

Lesley, Calgary

"I had my colours done by Mona, what a fun time I had, Mona is fun and professional, I am wearing colours, thanks to Mona, I never thought I could wear, I love my colour swatch, fits in my purse, so when I go shopping, I know the colours to get. Thank you Mona"

Shirley, Calgary

"Mona has helped me so much with everything fashion! Her enthusiasm and knowledge about fashion is contagious. Getting my colours done by her was an awakening! All my life I didn't know that I was wearing a lot of unflattering colours. She taught me how to shop smarter so that I no longer buy mistakes and helped me organize my closet. Getting dressed in the morning is so much easier. I don’t leave the house without my colour swatch. Thank you Mona you rock!"

Lisette, Edmonton

Before working with Mona, I had lost my passion for fashion. I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and often lacked confidence in my appearance. After doing my color and silhouette analysis with Mona, I have a renewed excitement for fashion and trust that I can now dress in a way that flatters my body and skin and allows me to show off my personality! The experience was so much fun, and Mona shared so much knowledge through the whole process. It was such a great experience all around! Thank you Mona!"

Meagan, Calgary

"2 hours, 2 stores = 1 well-dressed womanIf you’re like me and hate shopping but need clothes-I highly recommend hiring Mona for help. I desperately needed clothes for an important photo and video shoot. When I got to the store, Mona was already selecting items and working with the sales person to get items ready for me to try on. We wasted no time. My anxiety level went down immediately. After visiting two stores in two hours, I walked away with several outfits that I can wear to many business and dressy occasions. Not only do I love the fashionable and up to date clothes I bought, I also look and feel great. We also stayed within my budget which is very important to me. There is no way I could have found the beautiful clothes I purchased without Mona’s help. Thank you Mona!""

Janet, Calgary